S-DEC was co-founded by Mr. Fong Kum Ling and incorporated on 15th. January 1996 to tap into potential business opportunities in the Geographical Information System (GIS) and other IT related fields, such as IT project consultancy and project management. Since its inception, S-DEC has been involved in the development of a few GIS projects and IT project consultancy and project management in the country.


S-DEC’s main business philosophy is to provide a total solution comprising leading edge GIS & state of the art hardware, sound project management skills, training and ancillary services such as data conversion/enhancement to ensure successful implementation of the solutions. The above business philosophy is achieved by partnering with some of the world leading GIS companies such as GE Digital Energy (A division of General Electric) and Augview Ltd. As partner of these companies, we have access to valuable supports and early update of new software releases from developers.


In line with our expansion plan, we have setup a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai, China in July 2005. This new business entity operates under the name of neXgen Technologies International Ltd. had provided services to South District of Shanghai Power Company, Shanghai SiNan Communication Engineering Company (a subsidiary of Shanghai Power Company), Foshan Power Company and an IT company based in Nanjing, China.